Agreed Consultative Process (Staff with Employer)


  • A Consultative Committee operates within the meeting schedule known as the P.C.C. or Principal’s Consultative Committee.
  • Composition of this Committee is:

– Principal

– Assistant Principals x 3

– Elected Staff Members x 4 (12 month term)

– Elected A.E.U. members x 2 (12 month term)

– Timetabler (Chairperson)

P.C.C. provides advice/recommendation to the principal on all matters related to workforce management and planning.

Regular minutes are kept of all meetings and are distributed/available to all staff.

A short report of key P.C.C. matters is provided to staff regularly at a staff forum, held prior to the staff meeting. This is chaired on a rotating basis by the elected staff representatives.

The elected staff representative also represents the S.S.O. staff at their request.

Recommendations to the principal by the PCC are minuted as ‘agreed’ at the next meeting or the reason for the principal’s disagreement are provided.