Wellington Secondary College is a large, culturally diverse, school located within a multicultural community. The College aims to maintain a culture which truly reflects the needs and aspirations of its students and their families and ensures that cultural diversity is recognised, celebrated and valued.


  • To develop a whole school ethos that reflects, responds to and values cultural diversity.
  • The school will acknowledge and celebrate culturally significant events, integrating them into teaching and learning programs where appropriate.

Broad Guidelines:

To achieve our goals we will:

  1. value and build on students’ previous knowledge and experience.
  2. adopt classroom teaching strategies that cater for difference and utilise a range of learning styles.
  3. provide staff the opportunity to participate in professional development relating to cultural diversity and discrimination.
  4. emphasise the use of inclusive language and promote respect for all cultures.
  5. deal swiftly and overtly with any behaviour which exhibits prejudice or racism in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
  6. review strategies for communicating with, and involving parents, to take account of their cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


To develop a school ethos that reflects, responds to and values cultural diversity our school will:

  1. promote and affirm principles of cultural diversity through curriculum, leadership and management practices.
  2. ensure that learning experiences recognise, value and build on students’ backgrounds and experiences.
  3. encourage staff to model culturally inclusive behaviour, and report to the Principal any behaviour that appears racist, discriminatory, prejudiced or culturally biased.
  4. confront incidences of prejudice, racism and ethnic stereotyping, and deal with them overtly through facilitated interaction and negotiation.
  5. provide eligible students(as per DEECD guidelines) from non-English speaking backgrounds with access to English as a Second Language Programs or a Cultural Bridging Program.
  6. continue to support the operation of an International Students’ Program, including the Wellington Intensive English Language Centre (WIELC).
  7. celebrate multiculturalism in our school community, particularly during Cultural Diversity Week. Whole school multicultural events will showcase our various community cultures. Visiting artists from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds will be invited to the school.


This policy will be regularly reviewed in consultation with members of the wider community as part of the school’s strategic planning cycle.