The College is fortunate to have a highly trained and committed staff, many of whom have been at Wellington for a considerable period of time.
Honour Boards to celebrate the service of all members of staff who have or had been with the College for ten years or more were created as part of the 2003, 30th Birthday celebrations and will be on display in the E.H Blaikie Vanellus Centre very soon.

The staff are divided into a range of teams for planning and management:

  • College Executive

Mr Hugh Blaikie – Principal
Mrs Fern Brisbane – Assistant Principal – Curriculum
Mr Dan Butler – Assistant Principal – Facilities
Mr Brendan Dwyer – Assistant Principal – Student Programs
Mrs Sharon Graham – Business Manager
Mrs Wendy Hankin – Executive Assistant
Mrs Debra Wickens – Office Manager

  • Student Programs & Wellbeing Team

Ms Kylie Cotter – Head of Senior School
Mr Troy Diaz – Head of Middle School
Mrs Carmel Roberts – Head of Junior School
Mr David Hose – Year 12 coordinator
Ms Vasi Pillay – Year 11 coordinator
Ms Susie Glentis and Mr Kim Durrant – Year 10 coordinators
Ms Clair Caughey and Mrs Rita Stabile – Year 9 coordinators
Ms Harveen Khera and Mr Sam Wilsmore – Year 8 coordinators
Mr Brendan McArdle and Ms Jessica Birrell – Year 7 coordinators

Mr Peter O’Bree – Director, Student Services and Wellbeing
Ms Natasha Dickinson – Director, Student Services and Inclusion

Ms Lucinda Huffer – Director, Student Pathways
Mrs Kerryn Riddiford – Director, Sport, Fitness & Houses

  • Curriculum Executive

Ms Marina Stergiou – Director, Curriculum
Dr Penelope Hale – Director, STEM
Mr Michael Stephens – Director, Professional Learning
Ms Marie-Louise Marollas – Director, Literacy
Mr Lachlan Champion – Director, Maths and Innovative Learning
Miss Rachael Masterton – Director, English and Innovative Learning

  • Staff Programs & Operations

Mr Peter Clarke – Acting Director of Daily Operations

  • International

Ms Connie Tzelepis – Director, International Programs

  • IT Systems

Mr Eugene Stefyn – Manager ICT

  • VCAL

Miss Jaclyn Jacobs – Director, VCAL & VET