Homestay provides students with the best possible way to experience Australian culture and rapidly improve their English language. It is full board and accommodation offered by a family or couple of any nationality, for which a set weekly fee is charged (approximately AUD $280 regardless of facilities, services and location).

At Wellington all homestays are carefully chosen by the Director, International Programs, enabling close relationships to form between families and the school.

When placing a student into a homestay our first consideration is to match students preferences as much as possible. Families are carefully selected following a rigorous selection process according to International Division guidelines. (Refer to ). This includes interviewing the family, carrying out “Working with Children” checks and inspecting the home.

Although our homestay homes can vary in size and location, they are all appropriate for the individual needs of the student.

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Our Homestay Experience

This is our first time away from home but our host family, Sophie and her daughter Olivia have made the transition easy for us. We come from Cambodia and Sophie comes from Greece and it is interesting having the different cultures coming together.  We all learn so much from each other.  They take us everywhere so we can learn about our new environment.  They adjust their lifestyle to support our interests. They welcome our friends into their home too. We love the different dishes we eat every day.  We are very lucky ………………we have two families!

Panha TEE & Lalin TEA
Year 11, 2017