The Professional Learning program at Wellington Secondary College will enhance the capacity of all staff to contribute to the achievement of the College goals as articulated by the four-year Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plan.  As a learning community, the College has a responsibility to provide the appropriate support for teachers and the school community to continually develop their knowledge, skills and career opportunities through a comprehensive professional learning program.


Our Professional Learning policy is informed by the new AITSL documentation which has been endorsed by the DEECD:

  • ‘Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders’
  • ‘Australian Teacher Performance and Development Framework’ and
  • ‘National Professional Standards for Teachers’

As such, professional learning will:

  • Focus on improving student outcomes. Student outcomes data will guide improvement in professional learning and will be used to evaluate the impact of that learning on professional practice and student achievement;
  • Focus on school-based professional learning that is complemented by external learning opportunities;
  • Be informed by the best available research and evidence on effective learning and teaching;
  • Be collaborative to allow knowledge, expertise and experience to be shared amongst staff.  Staff will share their professional understandings, knowledge and skills within the College to improve their own professional development and that of their colleagues. 
  • Use constructive, objective and actionable feedback on professional practice to target areas of improvement and identify professional learning requirements. 
  • Be directly relevant to the work of staff and linked to the College goals and priorities as outlined in the Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan. 


Professional learning undertaken by staff will be specifically targeted to improving teaching and learning, enhancing work practices and promoting career advancement. 

The College will commit to providing a continuous staff development program to enhance the skills and knowledge of all staff. 

The co-ordination of professional learning will ensure that the professional growth of staff is developed cooperatively, resources are used effectively and evaluation of the program occurs frequently.

Professional Learning Process

Professional Learning is an important part of the life and culture at Wellington Secondary College. We believe that each staff member’s professional learning is a shared responsibility between the school and the individual. We also believe that professional learning programs that are focused and needs-driven provide optimum opportunities for professional growth, enhanced diversity and improved student learning.

Our aim is to provide opportunity for all staff to further their professional knowledge, skills and/or qualifications and to further develop their awareness, knowledge and skills in current teaching and learning practices.

Professional learning opportunities are offered on a regular basis through domain meetings, Professional Learning Team meetings, whole staff sessions, coaching, team teaching and other collegiate activities. All staff are expected to attend staff meetings, PLT meetings, and the Domain and Sub-school meetings.

Staff who wish to participate in professional learning workshops or seminar off-site must complete a Professional Learning Application Form. This pink form (blue for education- support staff) is available in the Photocopying Room, beside the fax machine. This form must be completed, signed by the appropriate Team Leader and then submitted to the Director of Professional Learning (Marina Stergiou).


The Curriculum Executive Committee will be responsible for the development of a planned approach to professional learning.

Professional Learning will be developed for the whole college based on the following areas:

  • Federal and State Education System priorities including:
  • National Plan for School Improvement
  • Australian Curriculum
  • AusVELS
  • ‘New Directions’ for school leadership and the teaching profession,
  • ‘Towards Victoria as a Learning Community’
  • College Strategic Plan
  • College Annual Implementation Plan priorities
  • Whole school professional learning needs
  • Domain Action Plan needs
  • All staff will develop Individual professional learning needs as part of their Professional Growth and Development Plans and the Performance and Development Culture of the College.

Broad Guidelines

Applications for Professional Learning will be assessed by the Director of Professional Learning on the basis of:

  • The funding priorities developed to support the key College goals
  • The available financial resources
  • Cost effectiveness of the PL – in general one person will be sent to a PL to obtain information and share this with their colleagues.
  • Other events occurring on the day of the activity
  • The number of classes left by the applicant and the disruption to particular classes
  • The amount of PL already attended by the applicant.
  • The relevance of the activity to the applicant’s Professional Growth and Development plan
  • Confirmation that the applicant will share their learning at an in-house PL session as specified below.

There is an explicit expectation that staff share their learning after attending a PL activity. This could take the form of:

  • A presentation to a staff meeting
  • A presentation at a Domain meeting
  • A presentation at a sub-school teachers’ meeting
  • Provide the information to staff via email

Assessment of the value of externally provided professional development activities attended by staff will be communicated to the Director of Professional Learning.


A review of this policy will be conducted as per the new school accountability framework (TVLC), or as directed, with recommended changes being presented to College Council.