Wellington Secondary College encourages all students to participate in extra curricular activities including attendance at camps and excursions. 

The school must ensure that the provision of camps or excursions do not incur costs directly on the school or do not run at a loss. 

There will be occasions when for whatever reason(s) a student needs to withdraw from a camp or excursion after payment has been made to the college for all or part of that activity.  


Students withdrawing from camps and excursions will not automatically be entitled to a refund. Where no cost is incurred by the college, a full refund will be available when

–  The student’s place is filled by another

–  The college deems the student’s withdrawal was unavoidable eg. illness supported by a medical certificate


A partial refund shall be available when

–  The college deems the withdrawal was unavoidable but where the college has incurred an expense relating to the withdrawal.  In such cases, the refund will be the amount paid by the student, less the expense incurred by the school as a result of the camp or excursion.

  No refund will be available when:

–  The college deems the withdrawal was avoidable and the college has incurred the full costs of the camp or excursion.

Where the withdrawal from the camp or excursion is due to a student suspension under the Student Discipline Procedures, the Principal will determine whether a partial or full refund is possible. Where the college makes the decision to cancel a camp or excursion due to insufficient numbers, the amount paid will be refunded in full. Where the camp or excursion has had to be rescheduled because of Government warnings, parents may request a refund of monies paid less any funds retained by the Booking Form for the rescheduled trip.

Refund Payments

–  Refund payments will be only made by cheque and addressed to parents. 

–  Refunds will only be given when requested in writing within 21 days of the activity

–  No cash refunds will be given.