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1st September 2023


WIELC students Sreypov, Brian, James and Elly experiencing
the street art in Melbourne CBD


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Phone: 9547 6822
Attendance: 9562 4762 or 0484 009 562
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Upcoming Dates: September

  • September 6 Student Leadership Forum
  • September 8 Year 9 Global Youth Forum
  • September 8 Junior Interschool Sport
  • September 13 3-Way Conferences
  • September 14 R U OK? Day
  • September 15 Last Day of Term 3, 2:30 pm finish
  • October 2 First Day of Term 4

Principal’s Welcome

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A letter from Deputy Secretary Dr David Howes, is attached regarding Victoria’s fantastic NAPLAN results when compared to other Australian states and territories. Please see below this article.

The Production – Frozen Jr.
I had the pleasure of attending our annual Production – Frozen, on Wednesday evening. As usual it was a night that showcased the talent and enthusiasm of a large number of our students – and there is always something special about a live theatrical or musical event. I congratulate all cast and crew and thank Mr Alexander and the Team for the time and sheer hard work in pulling the show together. Also, during the Wednesday performance, I was able to announce the naming of the ‘Michael Shadur Bio Box’ as an acknowledgement of the massive influence our recently retired colleague has had over many years in the Performing Arts, Musical and Media programs throughout the school. Sincere thanks, Michael.

I also thank our Community Voice Team for being “front of house” each night and for managing the raffles. All monies raised are put back into the Performing Arts program.

Event Planning 2023
As we continue to return to normality in the post-COVID world, the following events can also be locked in:

  • 3 Way Conferences: Wednesday September 13
  • Spring Concert: Thursday September 14
  • End of Term: Friday September 15, 2:30 pm finish
  • Year 12 Valedictory Dinner: Thursday October 12
  • Awards Night at Robert Blackwood Hall: Tuesday November 21

More details will emerge as we move through Term 3 and 4.

Valedictory Season

  • Wednesday October 11 – Last day of VCE Unit 3 and 4 Classes,
  • Thursday October 12 Year 12 Valedictory Parade, Assembly and Dinner.
  • The Valedictory and Awards Dinner will be held in the Southern Gym from 6.00pm. It will be catered for – there will be no charge for students who wish to attend.
  • Friday October 13 – Monday October 23 Unit 3 and 4 “Swat Vac”.
  • The Senior School Precinct will be open for students during “Swat Vac” and the exam period to use as a revision base. (Students will sign in at the Senior School).
  • Senior VCAL classes will continue as normal until Thursday October 26
  • Tuesday October 24 – Unit 3 and 4 Exams Commence

Parent Survey
The DET Parent Opinion Survey closes on Friday September 8, and I thank all parents who were invited and have responded. If you have not yet completed the survey, I would encourage you to complete this as soon as possible. This very important data will help us in our planning to move forward.

Hugh Blaikie

Athletic Sports

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August 22 – Whole School Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday August 22, we took on the weather at the Knox Athletics Track for our House Athletics Carnival. Despite the somewhat inclement weather, the day was a great success, with staff and students engaging in the program with fun and gusto. Some of the field events were not possible, however it was fantastic to see the high level of participation across many events. As an example, we needed to run multiple heats for most year levels in the 100 and 200 metre events.

Our Year 12s also got into the spirit of the day with their theme day dress up and the obligatory “lap of honour” at the end of the carnival. Special thanks go to Mr Dwyer and his team for the hours of preparation that enabled the day to proceed without any major glitches.

Hugh Blaikie

Student Spotlight

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The Wellington Way at it’s best!

This was the kind of day that reminds us all as educators’ what it is that makes our profession unique and gratifying.

A Year 9 class had a relief teacher for a session to work on their Maths. A few students were in need of help, so I recruited the support of a student from the next class – the amazing and wonderful Manith Seng (11I).

Thank you Manith for supporting and sharing your knowledge with Junior students, they appreciated your help and so did I!

Ms Shereen Naidoo
Maths Teacher

International Programs

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WIELC City Excursion

Our trip to the city on the 15th of August with Miss Kang and Miss Quinnie was a fun excursion! For some of us, it was the first time we travelled to the city and we did a lot of walking. We explored the places to visit around Federation Square and the Royal Arcade on Bourke Street, took many pictures of art in hidden laneways around Melbourne, and took a tram to the Docklands. On our excursion, there were a lot of other students from different schools and we helped them take pictures too.

Before the excursion, many of us thought that the Federation Square was a place of relaxation where you can rest after walking around a lot. However, some of the things you can do around Federation Square includes – visiting ACMI, looking at artwork from students, eating at restaurants, and listening to people who perform live music. After Federation Square, we explored many different laneways around the city. Some of these include Hosier Lane and AC/DC Lane. On these laneways we saw cool art that people spray painted on the walls. Some of these laneways did not smell nice but we took good pictures of each other and of the artwork. The street art we liked most was one of Mr. Beast (a famous YouTuber) who was painted as Uncle Sam.

The Royal Arcade on Bourke Street looked very old and when we went inside there were interesting shops with some products that were out of our price range. There was a Babushka store that also had many unique dolls and a spiritual store that claimed to sell magical stones. Finally, our trip to the Docklands was the most memorable and enjoyable trip as we had time to roam around this shopping center. There were many tourist attractions in this place and a lot of activities for students. Over the next school holidays, we plan to come back to Docklands so we can do ice skating.

Overall, our trip to the city was a great opportunity for us to explore Melbourne and we are more confident than we were about taking trams around the CBD. On the way home, some of us slept on the train and we will do whatever it takes for another excursion to the city soon!

Terence Pham

Junior School

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Spelling Bee Competition

Last week, the Junior School Leaders held an epic Spelling Bee in M Block over two lunchtimes, which saw individuals battling for themselves. In round 1 we had 22 eager Year 7 and 8 student players, and by the second round only 10 people were standing. The words given to the contestants was a smorgasbord of challenging words and left only two players fighting to win the title of the ‘The Junior Spelling Bee Champion’.

In the end, it was Lydia from 7J who to took the glory!

The Spelling Bee was a fun way for our Year 7 and 8 students to interact, laugh, collaborate and make new friends. We loved every moment of it.

Alice Rojas

A huge congratulations to Lydia, all participants and the Junior School Leaders for hosting the successful event. The atmosphere was electric in M Block as the crowd went wild for each student, by showing support and encouragement by cheering and clapping them on. It was fantastic to see the Wellington Way in full swing.

Jessica Wallis
Head of Junior School

Middle School

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Romeo & Juliet Performance

Earlier this month, our Year 9 English students attended a performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Students have been studying the play in their English classes and considering how the performative elements of a text can impact our interpretation of it’s meaning.

The performance included period costumes, playful sword fights and comedic characters – the actors even entered the audience to interact with them in different scenes. After the performance, students interacted with the actors and asked questions about the play and working in theatre.

This was a great opportunity to get a real-life taste of the world of a Shakespearean performance and engage in our English studies on a deeper level!

Carolyn Dunn
Director of English

Student reflections:

I enjoyed the performance because it was very funny and interactive. After the performance parts that I had read made more sense, it really made me understand the play more than before. I was surprised when the actors that played Romeo and Juliet actually came up to the audience, it really made it feel beneficial and interactive. I also learned how hard it was to act and play Shakespeare.

Yousaf Sayed

I really enjoyed the performance and would watch it again. I learned the order of the main events in the play so that really helped me understand the concept of Romeo and Juliet also it really gave me more knowledge when I got back into class. I didn’t actually expect them to kiss or come off the stage into the crowd. I also learned that you could perform the play with only three people.

Mary Matar

I enjoyed the performance, and I learnt about the different tones and mood of scenes in the play, where the words don’t really tell us if the scene is serious or comedic or something. I learnt that plays don’t need a full cast and sometimes only need a few people.

Ken Khorn

I did enjoy the performance and I thought it would’ve been more boring, but I enjoyed it a lot because their acting was good. I found it surprising how they went up the stairs during the play, like when Romeo or Juliet was talking to themselves whilst going up the stairs. When we talked to the actors, I also learned that you need a lot of chemistry with the other actors to perform the play.

Tam-Nhu Le

Cyber Security Excursion: Quantum Victoria

On the 27th of July around 30 students were selected to go on a excursion to Quantum Victoria. As students, we participated in three escape room workshops throughout the day consisting of Fishy Phishing, Password Panic, and Sneaky Ciphers. These three escape rooms were very informative and talked about the issues of Cyber Security in the 21st century. We learnt a variety of skills that helped us understand how hackers find a vulnerability in a system, create an exploit, and get into system data to send spam emails and steal confidential data. We worked in groups to complete these escape rooms as we had to use deep problem-solving skills, analysis, and decision-making. Overall, it was a fantastic experience for us students to have a taste of how the modern world has effects on Cyber Security.

Stefan Battista

Senior School

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Year 12 Pyjama Day

Global Citizenship

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Multicultural City Excursion

From August 7 – August 10, Year 9 Students travelled into the City to have a multicultural experience.

Our class gathered at Springvale Station to prepare for our journey to Flinders Station via the City Loop Train.

We Arrived at the NGV Gallery and looked around at all the art. They were categorised into different sections. They had an area dedicated to Shakespeare, Modern Art and Ancient Art.

During lunchtime were able to go around the city and try different cultural foods. This was a great way to try new foods.

The City Tour provided an interesting journey through various destinations, each of which offered valuable insight into the rich history of Australia.

After our tour of the city ended, we stopped at the Queen Victoria building to take a group picture of all the classes that participated on that day, while we each held a different country flag.

Once it was time to leave all classes made their way to the train station. The trains were running a bit behind so we had to take two or three trains to get back to Springvale Station.

Stefan Battista

At he start of the excursion, we had a tour around Melbourne City with our tour guide, Isabelle. She showed us many unique statues and art, with the history behind each one.
For lunch I went with my friends to Superhiro, a Japanese restaurant. I ordered the Teishoku, which was a set of different foods from their culture. The set included unagi, takoyaki, spring rolls, nasu tofu and miso soup. Overall, the food was delicious and I had a very nice experience.
At the National Gallery of Victoria, we went around and observed a variety of different artworks, with the meaning and history behind each one. This specific art was Pepper’s Ghost Effect, which changed based on the viewer’s perspective.

Gabriel Cheng

8:30-10AM: First, our class to the Springvale station around 8:30 am and went aboard the train to Flinders street for around an hour.

10-12PM: Get off at Flinders street station and travel around the city, starting the tour and ends at QV.

12-1:15PM: Have lunch + free time for an hour and 15 minutes then make way at Federation Square (Gami Chicken & Beer).

1:15PM-2:30PM: We meet the teacher at Ian Potter Centre and investigate the cultural artworks while completing the worksheet along the way.

2:30-3pm: Walk as a class back to Flinders Street Station and travel back together to Springvale Station. A Photo of our class finishing the roue as a memory of the Multiculturalism excursion.

Lillian Nguyen

Community Noticeboard

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