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13th October 2023

Our 2023 Graduates gave their Principal a touching tribute
for his final Valedictory Season

Zara Badic, 12A, gives a rousing send off to her classmates

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Phone: 9547 6822
Attendance: 9562 4762 or 0484 009 562
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Upcoming Dates: October/November

  • October 13October 23 “Swot-vac” study program
  • October 23 Year 9 & 10 PAT-R & PAT-M Tests
  • October 23 Interschool Sport Year 8 Boys Regional Volleyball
  • October 24November 15 Unit 4 Exam period
  • October 30 Gala Day
  • October 31 Last Day of Year 11 classes
  • November 1November 17 Unit 2 Exams begin
  • November 1 Unit 2 VCE Music Recital Evening

Principal’s Welcome

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I wish everyone a warm welcome back to Term 4 and trust that your holiday break was a good one. We are all gearing up for a successful completion of 2023. With the VCAA VCE examinations underway for a range of VCE students this week, it will be the end of the year before we know it.

Our NASA/USA Tour over the term holidays was an outstanding success. Assistant Principal Marina Stergiou led 5 lucky Year 10 and 11 students on the tour of a lifetime to NASA in the USA. I was privileged to be part of the “WhatsApp” group and could follow the photographs and student reflections (and parent responses) in real time. Student behaviour was exemplary, and I know Ms Stergiou is preparing, with the students, a more detailed report for this edition of the Journal. There are lots of photos as well!

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner
Last night we had the pleasure of celebrating the valedictory farewell for our Year 12 cohort. There are lots of photos in other parts of the journal. We wish the Year 12 students all the best in their upcoming exams.

Visit By the Former Premier
I was certainly surprised (as I think we all were) by the sudden retirement of our former local member and Premier, the Hon Dan Andrews. Dan has been a magnificent supporter of our school over his 20-year tenure in state politics and on behalf of the Wellington Community, I thank him, and his government for that support and indeed their advocacy for state education in the Education State. In this context it was a very pleasant opportunity to host him on the last day of Term 3 on what would be his final “official” visit to Wellington. We conducted a tour of the College, especially visiting the newly completed parts of the Building Project that he had not yet seen – and we agreed that the buildings spoke for themselves as vibrant, purpose-built learning spaces. A highlight of the tour was his genuine engagement with the students in the classes we attended. There are number of photos in other parts of the Journal that reflect this. We wait with interest for the political process to play out in the selection of the new local Member for Mulgrave.

Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Survey
During Term 3, DE Staff and Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Opinion Surveys were conducted. The Parent/Caregiver/Guardian Survey results are available, and it is fair to say they continue to paint a very positive picture in regard to community satisfaction with our great school. Once again, I thank the 74 Parent/Caregiver/Guardians who completed this important survey, which was a little bit down on last year’s response.

I have included the results of the last two years to give a small comparative snapshot of the main factors:

2023 (74 Respondents)

2022 (110 Respondents)

3 Way Conferences
The on-line 3 Way Conferences held on the last Wednesday in Term 3 were a success. As a process it again seemed to be well received by parents/carers and teachers alike – and these sorts of meetings, whilst never fully replacing face to face contact, will certainly be reviewed and considered for our 2024 plans.

Valedictory Season
Our Year 12’s are embarking on the last phase of their formal schooling before they face the final examination hurdles, and what a year it has been. I am confident that they have been well prepared and that they will always conduct themselves in the “Wellington Way” over the next few weeks. In particular:

  • The Valedictory Dinner was held last night, Thursday October 12.
  • The “Swot-vac” Study Program begins today, Friday October 13 and continues in the Senior School Centre throughout the exams period.
  • Awards Night returns to Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University on Tuesday November 21.

Hugh Blaikie


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A Stellar Journey: US Space-X-Plore Tour

Despite the numerous flights, check-ins, check-outs and ongoing bus travel, our Space-X-Plore STEM and Space Tour to the USA was spectacular. Our students were involved in ongoing real-life learning while making new friends from other schools, experiencing a new culture, visiting famous attractions – and of course buying gifts and souvenirs!

The key intention for travel to the USA was for students to expand and strengthen their understanding of and engagement with STEM through real life application of Science, Mathematics, Technologies and Engineering skills. The trip promoted STEM-related career opportunities for students by engaging with professionals in these areas and seeing the real-life application of STEM skills in an authentic way. The use of the design thinking methodology was demonstrated repeatedly and broadened students’ understanding of divergent thinking and problem solving particularly in the aerospace sector. Students participated in a series of immersive learning experiences which fostered critical and creative thinking.

A three-day camp to Kennedy Space Centre exposed students to a range of collaborative and interactive activities connected to space travel. Led by trained experts in the field, students participated in an Astronaut Training Experience using technologies including virtual reality and augmented reality to explore life in space and the ways with which engineers and astronauts survive challenging environments through clear communication and effective problem solving.
Students participated in workshops and learning activities where they were able to:

  • See and feel what it would be like to live and work on Mars and learn about the challenges of preparing for the journey to the Red Planet    
  • Experience how astronauts train in mission simulators such as the ‘Land-and-Drive-on-Mars’ full motion simulator, the ‘Walk-on-Mars’ virtual reality simulator, and the ‘Micro-Gravity’ floor simulator   
  • Perform two spacecraft launch mission simulations inside the full-scale ‘Orion’ capsule from an authentic Mission Control Centre
  • Tour rocket launch pads, vehicle assembly building, Apollo/Saturn V Centre and Launch Complex 39
  • Conduct science experiments, solve engineering challenges, use robotics, and defy gravity in a microgravity simulation.  These included the Mars Operation Centre, managing emergencies, the Engineering Lab where they tested and developed a team of robots and restore power to the base
  • Work with experts on NASA’s Veggie Project by planting, harvesting and analysing vegetables in a series of controlled experiments
  • Participate in a presentation by astronaut, John Fabian

Additionally, students participated in the ‘STEM to STERN’ Program, aboard the USS Hornet to see how chemistry, physics and mathematics apply to the intricate architecture and operational functioning of a World War II aircraft carrier. Students spent several hours on the carrier with tour guides and were able to witness several aspects of living and working on this carrier; how Americans who enlisted during World War II lived on the sea for up to two years without setting foot on land, how technology was used in the 1940s to create the systems to make these carriers operational during wartime. It was overwhelmingly impressive to walk through aircraft and other exhibits which were on display across the three levels of the Hornet.

Attending the Exploratorium, an enormous science, arts and technology museum (equivalent to our  ‘Scienceworks’, only much, much larger) enabled students to become active explorers using their curiosity in an inquiry-based learning laboratory exploring the world through science, art, and human perception.

Disneyland was a fun-filled fantasy experience where students and staff alike, were able to enjoy fairy-tale rides such as ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’, ‘Toy Story’ and ‘Harry Potter’ amongst many others. We all met and took photos with various Disney characters who were walking round the theme park. The day provided students with the opportunity to socialise, get to know each other more and have fun together. The highlight for me was riding on the same carousel as Mary Poppins! As well as playing Quidditch with Harry Potter against Draco Malfoy!

A tour of Universal Studios offered a unique opportunity for students to comprehend the complexities and, at times, deceptive reality of movie making and the special effects involved in these. We toured through many sets of TV shows and movies students were familiar with. I think the 3D tour of the Jurassic World set was a huge feature for most. I am not sure who was screaming and laughing the most; the students or the staff!

Riding on the street trolleys and cable cars in San Francisco was entertaining, and walking down the Lombard Street, one of the city’s most scenic streets with sharp hairpin turns was breath-taking. Walking towards the bay, we were astounded by the mansions and immaculate landscaping. It was amazing to walk along the famous Golden Gate Bridge with its sweeping cables and overarching towers. Finally, our visit to Alcatraz with an audio tour allowed us to understand the harsh isolation of incarceration for serious criminal offenders. The short ferry ride back to mainland was refreshing and the warm sea breeze and blue skies allowed us to leave the desolate cells and stories of the Alcatraz inmates behind us.

I would like to sincerely thank the College Council for supporting this trip for our students. I would also like to especially thank all our students who participated in this tour for their incredibly good behaviour, their politeness, their friendship and their willingness to look out for each other throughout the whole trip. Below are some of their reflections.

Ms Marina Stergiou
Assistant Principal

Reflecting on this incredible trip, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to explore the world of space exploration. NASA, the Kennedy Space Centre, and all the people I met along the way played a pivotal role in broadening my understanding of the aerospace sector and igniting a passion that I know will shape my future.
Visiting NASA was a dream come true, and it exceeded all my expectations. The dedication and warmth of the people I encountered at the Kennedy Space Centre made the experience even more special. Their willingness to share their knowledge and passion for space exploration left a lasting impression on me.
Seeing the space shuttle, which had previously only existed in images on my iPad, was a moment of pure wonder. The intricate architecture and mind-boggling complexity of spacecraft fascinated me beyond words. It was as if a new world had opened up before me, and I couldn’t get enough. I found myself dreaming of spending more time there, of delving even deeper into the mysteries of the universe.
This trip wasn’t just a journey through space and technology; it was a journey of self-discovery. It solidified my decision to pursue a career as an aerospace engineer. I knew then and there that this was where my future lay, working on the cutting edge of space exploration, designing spacecraft, and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.
NASA is more than just an organisation; it’s a source of inspiration, a testament to human ingenuity and ambition. I can’t express how much I love NASA and how grateful I am for the chance to immerse myself in its world. The memories and lessons from this trip will stay with me forever, propelling me toward a future in aerospace engineering with a heart full of passion and purpose.

Haolin Huang
Year 10

One of the features of our USA tour involved exploring the physics of rollercoasters at Knott’s Berry Farm. We had the opportunity to try many different rides; one of my favourites was ‘Hang Time’. After gaining knowledge from our expert tour guide about the physics behind the rides, we had some free time to go on other rides ourselves. Later on the day, we went on a tour to Hollywood! It was exciting when we came across the Hollywood sign and had a chance to visit the Walk of Fame. We came across many famous people such as Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Laurence, Johnny Depp, amongst many other. Hollywood is not as glamorous as it might sound, however, it was pretty cool to see the Hollywood sign in person! Hollywood itself was very crowded and there were many people cosplaying along the streets, for example there was a Spiderman and a Michael Jordan entertaining passers-by. Despite the place being super crowded it was still a fun experience. Throughout the trip I made lots of new friends from the other schools we travelled with, and we ended up having a great group. Leaving the tour, we took home a suitcase of souvenirs and wonderful memories.

Pirah Devani
Year 11

Facing the gentle morning breeze of San Francisco, our day started with a visit to the famous prison, Alcatraz. It is known as the ‘The Rock’ and was an ultimate maximum-security prison, once considered as ‘the world’s most secure prison’. After a short cruise ride to this isolated island, we had an opportunity to experience the ‘audio tour’ that took us through the structure and numerous stories that happened in this prison. Throughout the vivid stories and narrations from the previous prisoners, the past of this mysterious area seemed to unfold before us. I was shocked by the strict rules and restrictions on the freedom of the prisoners, but I also marvelled at the strong will and resilience of those who could find entertainment among the darkness and limitations, improving themselves through music, knitting, reading, painting, etc. What moved me the most was the story of them playing music together on New Year’s Eve!
Afterwards, we headed to the Exploratorium, which is a museum of Science, Technology and Art, founded by Frank Oppenheimer in 1969. I explored a range of interactive set ups that involve the use of mechanism, physics, biology etc. It was very joyful to experience all the experiments and to view those interesting scientific reactions that don’t get observed, even though they can apply to us daily. Being able to observe exhibitions of strange animals and plants is particularly interesting for me, I wish I had time to explore the entire museum!!
Lastly, we took a ride on the cable car, a tram-like vehicle that is manually controlled by the operator, to enjoy the sites. We walked to the Ghirardelli chocolate shop, where many of us bought gifts and amazing, humongous, super creamy ice creams. Despite the difficulty of finding the right location on the way, it was fascinating to walk through the city of San Francisco, enjoying the fancy streetscape, a distinguishing feature of San Franciso, and experiencing the charm of this city!
Finally, we re-grouped and had a bit of free time at the airport, before finally boarding the 15-hour-long plane back to Melbourne!
Time flies, 10 days is like a dream that passed in a blink and here comes the day we are going to say goodbye to this lovely trip and the craziness that is the US. I had a lot of fun throughout the whole trip and I was really reluctant to say goodbye to this precious journey! I made many new friends, gained many unique experiences and learnt a lot from things that I may not get to see again. I really appreciate the whole Global Learning Expedition team and all the people who presented to us to give us such an amazing experience! I absolutely need to thank Ms. Stergiou for putting so much effort and taking care for all of the Wellington students to create a such wonderful trip!!! I also need to thank Pirah for always taking extra care of me throughout the whole trip! And of course, I need to thank my parents for providing me this precious opportunity to experience all of these. Such an unforgettable journey!

April Han
Year 10

At Universal Studios, we delved into the behind-the-scenes magic of movie-making. From sound effects to how artificial rain is used – we experienced what it is like to live in the world of ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘Godzilla’ and how it feels being chased by dinosaurs. Following that we were able to go on the 3D ride of Harry Potter and flew alongside Harry at a seemingly tremendous speed. Overall, Universal was one of the best parts about this trip (after NASA of course) and for me especially, it was certainly a lot better than Disneyland. 

Ibrahim Baig
Year 10

Our recent trip to the United States was pretty cool! One place that totally blew my mind was the Kennedy Space Centre. I mean, seriously, spending three days there was like stepping into history. I even got a photo with an astronaut, which was like a dream come true. Being where they launched the first moon rocket, and checking out the launch pads – it gave me chills. Of course, I went a little camera crazy and took a ton of photos. The hotel accommodation was also amazing, our first hotel being Disney themed really made our trip seem that much more fun.
Speaking of cool experiences, I had this roommate I’d never met before, but after sleeping in the same room with a student from one of the other schools for 11 days you get to know him.
Knott’s Berry Farm was an absolute riot! I made some awesome new friends here who became my ride buddies for the rest of the trip. We had a blast together. Roller coasters galore! We screamed and laughed our hearts out on those rides – pure adrenaline rush.
In LA, Disneyland and Universal Studios were a total blast. Meeting the characters and snapping pictures with them was a huge highlight. The whole atmosphere was electric, like a non-stop party. All in all, it was one heck of an adventure filled with new friends, thrilling rides, and incredibly powerful history.
Sadly however, I could not rest my lips upon the delicious taste of a Popeye’s chicken sandwich, however, Wendy’s was a pretty good substitute though.

Nicholas Fiumara
Year 10

Premier’s Visit

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Wellington Welcomes Dan Andrews

The Hon Premier Dan Andrews paid a visit to Wellington Secondary College on Friday September 15, only a few weeks before announcing his shock retirement. During the tour, he took the time to explore our school’s state-of-the-art facilities, demonstrating the dedication to supporting educational institutions across Victoria that was a hallmark of his time as both Premier and Local Member for Mulgrave.

Premier Andrews also had the opportunity to engage with staff and students and was genuinely interested in the well-being and aspirations of our students. His visit underscored the government’s unwavering commitment to education and to institutions that nurture students’ growth.


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Farewell to the Class of 2023: Valedictory Highlights

This week, Wellington’s Class of 2023 reached the end of their school journey and celebrated the conclusion of a remarkable year. Their final day of classes on Wednesday October 11 ended with the traditional countdown, followed by an emotional gathering in the locker bay and Senior School common area. The next day, students celebrated their Valedictory Day – the morning was filled with clever and amusing jokes as scores were settled – It is also worth recognising the inspired memes and other posters that went up around the school. A particular highlight was the (re)decorating of Mr Blaikie’s office with hundreds of messages from students – a lovely touch to mark Mr Blaikie’s final Valedictory season.

The mid-morning Year 12 parade is always a highlight, and it was wonderful to see it return to its home in the Northern Gym in front of a large audience of students – it was a highly entertaining and creative effort from the cohort with their costumes!

The day concluded with the Valedictory Dinner which made a welcome return to its traditional format at Wellington in the Southern Gym. The gym was beautifully decorated thanks to the hard work of a team of staff and student volunteers led by Ms Huffer, and overall the event was a great success. After enjoying dinner, students were presented with a range of awards, and Senior School reluctantly acknowledged the students’ second consecutive victory in the Staff vs Students Cup, and swore revenge next year. The dinner was also notable for Mr Blaikie’s final dissertation – a highly entertaining College tradition, and students have been provided with a copy to remember the evening by.

Finally, we say congratulations and farewell to the Class of 2023. Their work on the day was exemplary, inspiring, and fully represented the Wellington Way in a another challenging year – we thank them, and wish them all the best for their upcoming exams.

Mr Simon Coles
Head of Senior School

Food Technology

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WIELC Students Discover the Joys of Culinary Exploration

WIELC students were busy in the kitchen producing Sweet Chilli Chicken Tender Wraps and Fruit Kebabs – nutritious and delicious! The students followed their visual cookbook to prepare their food items with high sensory properties.

Elly Nguyen and Kim Pham, WIELC, enjoy their Fruit Kebabs!

Ms Voula Rivans
Food Technology Teacher

Savouring the Flavours of France: A French Food Incursion

Bonjour! On the 11th of September, the Year 9 French class was extremely privileged to use the school kitchens to make traditional French food. We chose to make profiteroles! These small balls of joy that come from France are often served as desserts, and they are made of choux pastry with a delicious custard filling. They can be enjoyed on their own, or with a drizzle of rich chocolate sauce.

We started off by making the choux pastry, which was such a fun experience! First, we had to melt butter and water in a saucepan, and after it had melted, we poured in our flour and started mixing until the dough came off the sides of the pot. Afterwards, we gradually added eggs until the dough became a smooth consistency. We placed it in a piping bag and piped it onto a baking tray to go into the oven.

Then, we moved onto making the custard. We started off with melting butter in a saucepan and then adding milk to the butter, leaving it to boil. Next, we added flour, sugar, egg yolks, and vanilla extract to the milk and stirred until it had become a thick consistency.

Finally, we made the chocolate sauce by melting cream and chocolate together in a pot. Using the thick sauce to drizzle on top of our assembled profiteroles, afterwards. Overall, this experience was enriching, and vital to our understanding of French culture. Thank you Mr. Sookhareea and the Food Tech ladies who organised this special opportunity for us. We are extremely grateful for you.

Everest Lim
Ella Cellent

Year 9 French Students, Everest Lim, Ella Celent, Sara Babalj, Una Crnogorcevic, Tanishka Srivatsan, Anyana Conway, Syamil Priyatno and William Ly with Ms Coral Formosa

The French Cooking Incursion was an amazing experience as we got to make French food. My team made French Toast which was very easy to make. Actually, French Toast wasn’t actually made in France, in fact it originated in Rome around 300A.D. The Roman author Apicius included it in his cookbook titled “Cooking and Dining in Imperial Rome”.

Syamil Priyatno & William Ly of 9E show off their completed French Toast. Looks delicious!

The ingredients you need to have are:

  • 1 loaf of bread
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs
  • 1tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp nutmeg
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp cloves
  • Butter
  • Maple syrup
  • Blueberries
  • Strawberries


  1. Combine eggs, milk, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, sugar & vanilla into a dish and mix to form a custard.
  2. Preheat a skillet with clarified butter over a low flame.
  3. Dip the brioche slices into the custard and let the bread soak some of it up until it feels spongey (about 10 seconds per side).
  4. Let excess custard drip off of the bread, and place into the preheated skillet. Cook for 7 & 1/2 minutes per side. Don’t touch it while its cooking! Just flip once after 7 & 1/2 minutes.
  5. Remove the French toast from the skillet after 15 minutes and serve with your favorite toppings.

Overall, the cooking incursion was fun and it was a tight contest as there was a prize/gift card on the line but my team won. We won based on the looks as it was fresh berries and it smelled really good when we were cooking the French toasts. That’s how we won.

William Ly
Syamil Priyatno

Student Spotlight

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Serving Success: 9L’s Jeffrey Kaing in the Volleyball Spotlight

Hi, my name is Jeffrey Kaing. I am 15 years old and grew up in Melbourne Australia. I come from an Asian background where it is a half mix of Chinese and Cambodian. I have been playing volleyball for 3 years now – I started in year 7, competing in Interschool Sports, VVL (Victorian Volleyball League), school cups, competitions, tournaments and being part of the Victorian State Team for the under 16 Boys’ Blue.

I have represented Wellington Secondary College in numerous events and carnivals whether it is swimming, cross country, athletics or inter school sports. I am proud that I have been able to do my best for sports at Wellington Secondary College. Outside of volleyball I do some other sports such as badminton and swimming. I have been doing these sports longer than I have been doing volleyball, although they are more of a fitness activity where I can train more and play more.

Sporting Timeline and Highlights:

  • I started volleyball in Year 7 as a hobby and something to keep my fitness up outside of school.
  • Nominated as Junior Boys’ 1 Captain for VVL 2023
  • Playing for Junior Boys’ 1 and Reserve Men’s 2
  • Being chosen to play in the Under 16 Boys’ Blue State Team
  • Competing at the Australian Youth Championships.

Statistics / Results:

VVL Junior Boys’ 1 20222nd Place
Victorian Junior Open U19 Boys’ 20222nd Place
Mornington Junior Championship 20231st Place
Bendigo Dragon City 2023Runner Up

Where I see myself in the future:
In the future I hope to represent Australia either at the Olympics or play at the VNL (Volleyball Nations’ League), I also want to be able to play at Aus Camps, Australia Volleyball Academy, Asian Volleyball Confederation for Australia and continually represent my state or country at the highest level.

Favourite Sport:
My favourite sport has to be Volleyball, because of how I’ve developed and grown into the sport. I enjoy coaching, playing or watching as it’s all a part of my journey to achieve where I want to be.

Favourite Sports Team:
My favourite sports team has to be Asseco Resovia, its is a professional men’s volleyball club based in Poland. The reason why Asseco Resovia is my best loved club is because Stephen Boyer, a volleyball player I look up to and watch, plays there. He is also a part of the France National Team.

Favourite Subject:
Of all subjects, English has to be my favourite, the teachers that I have have all given me views on how to express my thoughts into writing or produce new ideas that can spark a good topic. Most importantly, it allows me to express myself in a unique way.

Jeffrey Kaing

We eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued success and impact that Jeffrey will undoubtedly bring to the world of volleyball and sports in general at Wellington Secondary College. This is just the beginning of a remarkable journey, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him!

Sports Report

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Sprinting to Victory: Highlights from Eastern Metro Regional Athletics

Wellington Secondary College students’ showed outstanding talent and fierce competition at the EMR Athletics Carnival held Monday October 9 at the Knox Athletics Track. Athletes from across the Eastern Metro Region displayed their prowess on the track and field, setting new records and earning well-deserved medals. It was a day of athleticism, sportsmanship, and achievement, leaving spectators in awe of the remarkable performances.

Teodore Milijonic, 10GBoys 16 High Jump1.75m – 1st
Kalen Ratnayaka, 8HBoys 14 Long Jump4.91m – 7th
Yianni Rozakis, 10IBoys 16 1500 Metre11th
Leiroy Whippy, 7HBoys 12-13 Discus Throw31.01m – 2nd
Wellington Secondary College EMR Athletics Results

Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and organisers for making the Regional Athletics a resounding success. Teo will go on to represent Wellington at the State Athletics on Monday October 16 at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park.

Ms Kym Osmand
SSV Monash Division Coordinator (Secondary), PE & Health Teacher
Mr Adrian Wareham
PE & Health Teacher


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A day in Melbourne: Exploring French cuisine and culture

Croque Monsieur

On Friday August 25, French classes in Year 9 and Year 11 went on an excursion to the city to explore its French culture. Our day began with a delightful French breakfast at a cosy café in Melbourne – Croque Monsieur. But here’s the twist – we had to order in French! It was a fun challenge that allowed us to practice our language skills in a real-world setting. The delicious sandwiches and the sense of achievement made it a great start to the day.

Next, we explored the “French Fake News Exhibitions” in Melbourne. These exhibitions shed light on the world of media and misinformation. We learned about the challenges of distinguishing between real and fake news in today’s digital age. It was an eye-opener, reminding us of the importance of critical thinking and media literacy.

Our excursion continued at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). Here, we immersed ourselves in the world of cinema, animation, and digital art. ACMI’s exhibitions were a visual treat, showcasing the magic of storytelling through moving images. It was a fantastic opportunity to appreciate the artistry of filmmaking, and it left us inspired to explore more. In conclusion, our day in Melbourne was a blend of delicious food, language practice, and thought-provoking insights. We’re grateful to our teachers Mr Sookhareea and Ms Fry for organising this memorable excursion, and for making it so enjoyable.

Tanishka Srivatsan

Student Wellbeing

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Mental Health Matters

Welcome back to Term 4! The Wellbeing team had a busy Term 3 with our term concluding with ‘RUOK? day celebrations! Following on from the RUOK? day, this term we are further promoting the mental health message to our school community.

October is Mental Health Month, and the theme for 2023 is ‘We all have a role to play’. This year’s theme encourages us all to promote activities and ideas that can have a positive impact on our daily lives and the lives of others.

Mental Health Month allows us to think about our mental health and wellbeing, regardless of whether we may have a lived experience of mental illness or not. It also gives us the opportunity to understand the importance of good mental health in our everyday lives and encourages help-seeking behaviours when needed.

What role will you play?

Will you be a community champion and connect those in your community to mental health services?

Will you be a workplace wonder and activate and motivate your colleagues to think about their mental health and promote Mental Health Month activities?

Will you be a school superstar? Bringing mental health awareness to your school as either a student, teacher, staff or parent.

Will you be an amazing ally? You can be a mental health supporter by listening and providing support to those who are experiencing mental ill-health.

Will you be an incredible individual? You can prioritise your own mental health this month and explore new ways to support your mental health all year round.

Why Mental Health Matters

In the hustle and bustle of academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, it’s easy to overlook the importance of mental health. However, just as we prioritize physical health, it’s important to pay attention to our mental and emotional well-being. A healthy mind contributes not only to academic success but also to overall life satisfaction.

Resources for Support

If you or someone you know is struggling, please remember that help is available. Reach out to our dedicated Wellbeing team, teachers, or trusted adults. Additionally, external resources such as Headspace, Kids Helpline and Lifeline are available 24/7.

Let’s make Mental Health Month a time of reflection, connection, and self-care. Together, we can build a community that prioritizes and nurtures mental health.

Wishing you all a month with positivity, understanding, and growth.

Shannon Pook
Mental Health Practitioner

Community Noticeboard

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