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10th May 2024


Year 8 students planting some seasonal vegetables in Wellington’s Community Garden space.

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Phone: 9547 6822
Attendance: 9562 4762 or 0484 009 562
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Upcoming Dates

  • May 15-17 Performing Arts Camp
  • May 17 Intermediate Sport
  • May 20-31 Unit 1 Exam Period
  • May 20-31 VM Structured Workplace Learning Placements
  • May 29-31 Year 9 & 10 Exams
  • May 30 Year 10 Parent/Guardian Senior School Information Session 6:15pm

Principal’s Welcome

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Caring, Striving, Learning
We know excellence when we see it. Whether it is in sports or business, excellence stands out. We recognise it in individuals by what we see them doing; they stand out. They excel at what they do through their actions, behaviours, and attitude.

As we are almost one third into the 2024 academic year, it is important to remind ourselves of the significance of striving for excellence now and throughout our lives. The results achieved are not just a measure of our academic abilities, but also a reflection of our dedication to learning and achieving our full potential.

Excellence is not something that is achieved overnight, but rather a journey that requires consistent effort and determination. It is important to set high standards for ourselves and always strive to do our best, no matter the circumstances. Whether it is studying for tests, SACs or exams, completing learning tasks, or participating in extracurricular activities, we should always aim for excellence in everything we do.

When we strive for excellence, we feel satisfied with a job well done. We learn from our mistakes and don’t let them define us. We enjoy the process, not just the outcome and remain flexible in adjusting our personal expectations and goals as needed.

Striving for excellence is an approach and attitude; it is a mindset, a desire to be your best. It is an eternal desire that keeps driving our performance and influencing our results. It is a journey of continuous learning and improvement; wanting to be the best we can be and maximising our potential.

Attendance – Everyday Counts
It was great to see the number of students who are making the most of their learning opportunities by attending school every day in Term 1.

Congratulations to the Year 11 students as they had the highest percentage of students that attended every day with 44% of the cohort attending daily. The Year 7 students also had a great start to the year with 43% of students attending everyday for Term 1. Congratulations to the students that have attended everyday so far; let’s keep it going. For students that missed days in Term 1 I encourage them to challenge themselves with a goal to attend everyday in Term 2.

Future Leaders Camp
Students in the Year 9 Future Leaders class attended the outdoor education camp to Torquay: along Victoria’s surf coast. The weather was just about perfect for our campers. The team enjoyed the hikes each day getting up their steps with approximately 20,000 steps per person each day. The camping crew enjoyed each other’s company and enjoyed seeing what the great outdoors has to offer. I thank the staff who attended for giving up their own time to ensure that our Year 9’s would have a memorable experience away from school.

Performing Arts Camp
In the coming weeks students will be taking part in the Performing Arts Camp at Rutherford Park Country Retreat for 3 days. I wish all the staff and students who will be attending the camp all the very best. It will be great to hear the stories and excitement.

Attitudes to School Survey (AtoSS)
We value student voice as a means, which leads to improving student engagement, wellbeing and quality instruction and we are conducting a survey to find out what your child thinks of our school.

The AtoSS is an annual student survey offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist our school to gain an understanding of students’ perceptions and experience of school. Students will be asked about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their school, their learning, peer relationships, bullying and life in general.

There are also some questions about student health and wellbeing. Understanding health and wellbeing needs is important to support students to learn and thrive at school. The Department is providing this addition to the core survey to allow your child’s school to capture this information to support students.

Students will be asked about resilience, family relationships, community connections, health (including mental health), access to health services and physical activity.

As previously mentioned, starting from Monday students will have the opportunity to provide feedback based on their thoughts and feelings regarding the school via the Attitudes to School Survey. This is a survey undertaken by students in years 4-12 across public schools. This data is used to measure schools’ performances in a variety of indicators as well as provide schools with a sense of the aspects within the school that are going well as well as identify areas for improvement. We encourage students to take this opportunity seriously and we look forward to receiving feedback from our students.

School Tours have now concluded for Year 7 2025 enrolments
It’s been a great pleasure conducting school tours for potential future students and their families. I really enjoying walking around our school watching the students highly engaged in their learning and making the most of the opportunities available to them. I’m pleased to say that there has been high interest from families in considering Wellington Secondary College.

Mr Chris Knight


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Renewable Energies Industry Immersion

Year 9, 10 and 11 students were given the opportunity to visit Holmesglen Institute, Moorabbin campus, the excursion was centred around renewable energy. It was a day that gave students a unique opportunity to familiarise ourselves with sustainable technologies and engage in different activities that were both informative and fun.

Through the entire excursion, students explored three hands-on activities related to renewable energy technologies. First, we were introduced to welding, and with the help of an instructor, we were guided to make our own phone stands and got a chance to try the welding simulation. Through this practical session, students gained a sense of the exactness and the craftsmanship essential in metalwork. Later, on, we got to handle wiring on small boards and learnt the basics of electrical connections which are important in renewable energy systems. Besides that, we also knew how important solar energy for Australia is and were given the opportunity to install solar panels.

The panel discussion was a highlight of the day as students got to meet with three women professionals working in the renewable energy industry. By being able to ask questions about the industry with the different participants, we had the chance to learn how things really worked in renewable energy and what was it like to be a woman in such a male-dominated profession. This session not only extended our knowledge in renewable energy but also triggered students to look for different career options in this field with enormous potential.

The excursion to Holmesglen Institute, Moorabbin was a perfect chance for us to understand renewable technology through practice and interaction. Holmesglen’s goal was to make this experience a turning point for a green way of thinking and to start a great job in the thrilling field of renewable energy.

Lara Tran

Toolangi Forest Excursion

Students in Year 11 Environmental Science braved the cold and wet weather in their venture to Toolangi State Forest. In this excursion, students completed fieldwork within the Forest Environment to explore how the ecosystem has changed over time, due to natural and human-induced causes such as logging and bushfires.

Students also learned about current forest conservation strategies, and the ways endangered species are protected, including the Leadbeater’s Possum and the Powerful Owl. It was a great chance for students to apply their scientific skills in the field and they enjoyed the day out in nature- despite the conditions!

Mr Chris Feenane
Year 12 Coordinator and Science Teacher


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Year 7 First Nations Inspired Artwork

Year 7 Students have been studying Ancient Australia and 7D have created some vibrant First Nations inspired artworks. They researched a native animal and created a story or a map using indigenous symbols and a naturalistic colour pallet. A fun and therapeutic lesson.

Mrs Liz Millsom
Humanities Teacher

Middle School

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Year 10 Career Expo

On Monday May 6, our Year 10 students had the opportunity to explore VCE and VCE-VM curriculum pathways through a Wellington Secondary College Curriculum expo. This is only the second time we have had the opportunity to host this event live, since COVID lockdowns. It was fantastic to see the energy and excitement during the real-life expo again this year.

Curriculum Area Leaders were able to create engaging and enticing subject stalls, and our talented VCE student helpers interacted with and answered questions from the Year 10 students.

A massive thank you to Lucinda Huffer and the Careers team for all of their behind the scenes work in planning and scheduling the day. Thank you to our fabulous Curriculum team for their management of the stalls and for providing the opportunity for our talented VCE students to share their pathway experience with the promising Year 10 cohort.

Mr Jackson Keat
Director of Curriculum


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Sports Round Up

Term 2 has begun with plenty of sporting events, and I would like to thank all the students involved for the way that they have represented the school, they have displayed superb attitude and tremendous sportsmanship throughout. Well Done everyone.

House Cross Country

Our term started with our House Cross Country at Karkarook Park. We were greeted with perfect conditions for longer distance running, cold and wet. We had a large number of participants across all year levels who tussled for a place to compete at the Monash Division Cross Country later this term. All participants were awarded house points.

Congratulations to Acacia house who walked away with the win this time round. A big well done to the student leaders who ran some fantastically engaging games for our year 7s whilst they waited for their event.

3 v3 VCC Senior Boys Basketball

Our Senior boys 3 v 3 basketball team travelled to the State Basketball Centre on Wednesday April 24, to compete in the statewide 3 v 3 basketball tournament. They were met by not just other state schools but, basketball academy schools and private schools. Apparently, this is not a problem for Kilmer, Jordan, Teo, Boris and Ashton as they finished third in the state. What an amazing result, they certainly did the school proud.

Senior Sport

On Tuesday May 7, our Senior interschool sports teams competed against other schools from within the Monash Division. The boys/mixed and girls badminton sides both failed to progress but gave a great account of themselves on the day. The boys/mixed soccer team did the school proud but failed to get over the line against some stronger sides.

Our senior girls’ soccer team won the Monash Division competition and have progressed to regionals. They missed a few key figures on the day, but this did not deter them from giving it their all and getting the results they deserved. Well done girls and good luck at Regionals!

Student achievement

I was recently informed that our very own Daniel Atkinson from Year 10 that has made the Victorian Under 16 Swimming side. Daniel has put everything in to getting himself in the squad for this year. His hard work and dedication proving that with the right mindset, dreams are easily achieved. Amazing effort Daniel.

Finally, a massive thank you to all our student helpers, assistant coaches and teachers who give up substantial periods of time to help run our sports program.

Mr Tom Wyldes
Sports Coordinator & HPE Teacher


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2024 French/Mandarin Award Winners for Term 1

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded French or Mandarin Student of the Term, for Term 1. Certificates are given for their diligence, positive approach and grit to the study of French or Mandarin. We recognise their efforts in their application to work, perseverance, initiative, participation and cooperation. They also earn 10 points each for their respective houses.

Mr Bushan Sookhareea
Languages Curriculum Area Leader

Eric Dutulescu, 7J
Ema Pantelic, 8F
Monzer Idris, 8B
Krystal Bui, 7G
Isabelle Cheung, 7C
Jovanna Lee, 7H
Amy Tan, 8C
Isabelle Ulrich, 8G

Alycia La, 7I
Valida Chiew, 9K

Jiyae Jang, 7A
Abhi Sagoo, 7E
Danny Quach, 8D
Ariel Dunne, 8I

Eyan Tino, 7D
Lydia Matheas, 7F
David Hov-You, 07B
Lana Fifita, 8E
Helena Cuoi, 8J
Raksa Eng, 9G
Melinda Lu, 8A
Aleena Mol, 8C

Year 7 Student Reflection

The year sevens have started French for the first time. We have been working hard and trying our best to learn this new language. Here are some things that we have been learning in French. The alphabet, how to introduce yourself, asking questions formally and informally and how to start a conversation! Thank you, all the French teachers, for helping us in our journey to learn a language. We greatly appreciate your effort.

Eyan Tino

Student Spotlight

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Food Technology students using the produce from the Community Garden

The Year 10 Food Technology students prepared a ‘ricotta stuffed pasta shells’ dish using fresh chives from the Community Garden. Thank you to Ms Natalie Hill and Ms Rachael Andrews for making great use of our community garden!

Endangered Species Day

Next week, on May 17, thousands of people around the world will participate in Endangered Species Day by celebrating, learning about, and taking action to protect threatened and endangered species. At Wellington, a few Sustainability Champions will be informing the Junior School students about Endangered Australian Animals through a board game designed by our Year 9 and 10 students. This should be a fun event, and will take place in Junior School next Wednesday May 15 between 1:25 pm and 1:45pm. Winners will be awarded House Points!

Medieval Europe Year 8 Unit delivered through Role Playing in the Community Garden

Mrs Millson played the ‘queen’ watching over her ‘many peasants’ digging, ploughing and planting seeds. She commented: “Medieval Europe Unit is being studied by 8H, so I thought why not get students out in the field to do a bit of gardening while role playing? It was a very enjoyable and holistic experience for all, and we look forward to seeing a variety of seasonal vegetables sprouting in a couple of weeks.”

The Community Garden is an outdoor learning space, and teachers are able to use this space.

Ms Bruna Amaral
Science Teacher/Sustainability Coordinator

Community Noticeboard

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