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16th June 2023

Ms Connie accepting a Commendation Award for Homestay Family of the Year
on behalf of long-standing homestay family Jason and Sandra Plompen
from Ms Vikki Ward (MP, Parliamentary Secretary)


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Upcoming Dates: June

  • June 22 Unit 2 Art Making and Exhibiting Excursion
  • June 22 Winter Instrumental Music Concert
  • June 23 End of Term 2 – Early Finish 2:30pm
  • July 10 Term 3 Commences
  • July 12 Interschool Sport – Senior Girls Soccer Regionals
  • July 18 Athletics Carnival
  • July 21 Year 10 Course Counselling Day

Principal’s Welcome

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Victorian Global Leaders Awards 2023
I had the privilege of attending the Global Leaders Awards Ceremony in the city last week. This is a showcase event that highlights the outstanding talents of our Victorian International students, with the awards being presented by Ms Vikki Ward, MP, Parliamentary Secretary for Education. Ms Connie and I were very proud to accept a Commendation Award for Homestay Family of the Year on behalf of one of our long-standing homestay families, Jason and Sandra Plompen. Congratulations Jason and Sandra – your success reflects yours, and indeed the many other wonderful Homestay Families at Wellington. Our program would not be able to run without you. Thank you sincerely.

Once again, I urge anyone interested in hosting an International Student to contact the College on 9547 6822. For further details, please refer to the Community Noticeboard or our Website.

Semester 1 Reports will be uploaded to Compass next week, and I remind everyone of the importance of accessing them as soon as possible, especially to use the holiday break for reflection and resetting goals for the second half of the year. I encourage families to contact the Sub Schools if they wish to follow up any concerns with the learning of their children.

Our Senior Students sat the GAT yesterday and I am pleased to report that all went well. It was lovely to see a number of our former students returning as supervisors! The GAT is a very important moderating tool as part of VCE assessments, especially if students have interrupted studies or miss exams later in the year. Well done to Mr Coles and the organising team.

Attitudes To School Student Survey
I wish to thank all the students who have participated in the survey so far. Because the survey is done online the year level results are visible almost immediately and will provide a great source of “student voice” as we plan for 2024.

End of term
And so, another term is drawing to a close. As previously advised, Term 2 will finish at 2.30pm next Friday June 23 and Term 3 will begin on Monday July 10. The Charter Bus schedule will be adjusted on Friday to cater for the early finish.
May I take this opportunity again to thank everyone for your support this term and I wish you all a very happy, safe and well-deserved break during these holidays.

Hugh Blaikie


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Wellington has had a large number of students participating in Interschool Sport during Term 2. The attitude and commitment from all students and coaches has been exceptional with some teams even starting training for their tournament during Term 1.

Intermediate Interschool Sports Day was on Friday 19th May and had over 100 students competing in soccer, AFL, Badminton and Netball.

The Intermediate boys team progressed through to Regionals on July 12th without losing a game.

Intermediate Boys Soccer Team
Back Row: Ayan Rahman (Assistant Coach), Bodh Outara, Kevin Tran, Tyson Mao, Edris Hasanzada, Ashton Jack, Milos Dordic, Kenan Vidimlic, Adnel Mahic, Connor Eade, Dean Kouvardas, Lucas Sevo (Assistant Coach) Front Row: Aaron Sabino, Simon Woodley, Leo Choeun, Yianni Rozakis, Dell Rada, Lucas Mafodda

Senior Interschool Sports Day was on Tuesday May 30th and again had over 100 students competing in Soccer, Badminton, Netball and Basketball. The senior girls’ soccer team were dominant winners 15-0 over Brentwood Secondary College to progress to Regionals on July 12th. The senior girl’s badminton and senior boys’ basketball teams finished in 2nd place overall.

Senior Girls Soccer Team
Back Row: Mr Hose (Coach) Mary Matar, Paris Tong, Angela Ivkov, Anthena Zilic, Georgia Kakalis, Kiara Kolokotsas, Mr Wyldes (Coach)
Front Row: Danae-Maria Matheas, Tiahna Do, Angelique Zevgaras, Zara Badic, Nicola Xistras, Kathryn Kakalis

The Junior Interschool Sport Tournament was on Thursday June 8th and had well over 100 students competing in Soccer, Badminton, Netball and AFL. The junior teams in particular had some fantastic results with the year 7 boys’ soccer team, year 7 girls’ badminton team and year 8 boys’ badminton teams all progressed through to Regionals in term 3. The year 8 boys volleyball team also progressed through to Regionals and played earlier in the term.

Year 7 Boys’ Soccer Team
Milos Supljeglav, Pitou Outara, Todor Tomic, Hy Nguyen, Ted Agrapidakis, Kon Kakalis, Oliver Grosbergs, Bilaal Adam, Kai Van Grondelle, Ari Van Grondelle, Jerome Whippy, James Koutsis, Sam Chea
Asistant coaches Tyson Maon and Leo Choeun. Head Coach Breanna Doyle.

Junior Boys Volleyball A Team
Back row: Argus Stagg (Coach), Kenneth Gov, Ashton Nguyen, Justin Vo, Stuart Hay, Branden Lay, Sunng Phang, Leo Maragoulias, Phutan Nguyen (coach)
Front Row: Patrick Phuong, Ethan Yang and Masees Sesileyan
Year 7 girls Badminton Team: Angelina Kham , Frances Cao, Olivia Yim, Helena Cuoi, Vivian Li, Stella Ho, Erica Chavez and Leanna Hoang.

It has been an action-packed term with some exceptional results for Wellington Secondary College with six teams progressing through to Regionals in Term 3. Well done to all those students who were involved as the way they have all conducted themselves during training and on game days was remarkable and consistently displayed the Wellington Way. A massive thanks also to all the amazing coaches who have volunteered to coach one or more sports team during Terms 1 and 2.

Mr Kim Durrant
Coordinator of Interschool Sports


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Year 8 Medieval Day

On Friday June 9th, our year 8 students were fortunate to have the opportunity to experience a Medieval based theme day at school. The students are currently studying Medieval Europe in Humanities, and the day was an opportunity for them to build on their learning through immersive activities.

In their groups, the students were able to listen to the many unique instruments of the Middle Ages, as well as the forms of punishment and healing remedies on offer. Some lucky students were even locked in the stocks!

Alongside the social aspects, the students also explored the weapons and techniques of Medieval warfare. From wearing and experiencing the weight of scale and plate mail, to duelling with foam swords, they began to understand how conflict was resolved. It was great to see students getting into the spirit of the day in Medieval clothing and costumes. Student’s who got to take on the role of Kings and Queens absolutely loved this activity – not so much the serfs!

A massive thank you to History Up Close for putting on the program, and a massive thank you to all the staff who helped engage their students and helped to run the day.


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As part of their studies of entrepreneurship and small business, students have been involved in designing, making and marketing a product to sell on Market Day. The path to running a small business is never easy and on June 1, they put their knowledge to the test. Various products were on sale, ranging from keychains, stickers, candles, bracelets, origami, and bath bombs.

The young entrepreneurs enjoyed the experience and all profits will be donated to a charity of the students’ choice.

Mrs. Jenny Neish
Enterprise Education teacher


On the 25th of May, the year 9’s participated in a Thinking Traps Workshop. This workshop consisted of a variety of fun and engaging activities for classes to participate in. The goal of this workshop was to walk us through the different apps in our mind, help us identify them and visualise a clear picture of the situation. They taught us that our thoughts can have a massive impact on the way we feel, by making assumptions about the world around us without us thinking more carefully about the full picture. That’s when we fall into “thinking traps” where we come to all the worst possible conclusions without looking closely at all the information we may have. This could be only focusing on the negative thoughts such as predicting the future, thinking we can read someone’s mind or even blowing things up and imagining the worst possible outcome to the scenario. Having these sorts of thinking traps can often leave us feeling down or stressed, but as we slowly keep thinking of them, we start to notice them more and more until we second-guess ourselves is this type of negative thinking helping me, or is there another side or view I can position my thoughts and feelings in a more positive manner. It’s important to remember that our thoughts do not necessarily reflect reality.

By Stefan Battista (09D) & Kanish Kapoor (09M)
Middle School Vice Captains


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The Working World

During Term 2, the Senior VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) and VCE VM (Vocational Major) students took part in work placements exploring future career opportunities in a variety of industries. This allowed students to gain a real insight into what future industries can offer them, how a workplace operates and the day to day running of a business. Work placements also helped students relate theory to a real-world work environments whilst giving them the opportunity to develop their skills. It was a great experience also for the VCAL and VCE VM staff to visits students in their chosen work places and see them out of the classroom and in action.  

Miss Jaclyn Jacobs
Learning Specialist: Vocational Education and Pathways

I did my work placement at Vanilla Lounge in Oakleigh. I assisted in the cakes department. I experienced customers, working on an online system of the register, doing dockets. It helped me learn different areas of hospitality and going to a big hospitality business like Vanilla really opened me up to all the opportunities in hospitality for me in the future.
Christina Dotas,VMA
Placement: Vanilla Lounge, Oakleigh

Whilst I was on work experience, I did jobs such as masking up a car, mixing up colours, preparing cars for paint, wash cars and even was allowed to have a chance doing a spray out. This will help me for the future as it shows me how things are done in the workshop and what the culture would be like.
Jamie La Rocca V2A
Placement: Morello Panels, Moorabbin

Andrew Mazar, V2A
The Oaks, Melbourne


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Work Related Skills – OHS & Risk Assessment Excursion

Senior VCAL recently carried out OHS questionnaires and risk assessments at Waverly Gardens Shopping Centre complex. The students put weeks of research and planning into the excursion and worked diligently towards their schedule.

Each student researched a selected workplace (shop/store) at Waverley Gardens and created their own PowerPoint presentation gathering information into the workplace, functions and layout, operating times, occupation health and safety and career pathways.

The students also wrote emails to their respected workplace requesting an informal interview with a manager or staff member for a scheduled date and time to conduct their personalised questionnaire.

On the day of the excursion students arrived promptly at the check point, then continued individually to their workplaces to conduct their informal interviews. They introduced themselves and asked for the key stakeholder, then went about their questionnaire (10 questions) writing down integral information. They then returned to their checkpoint and finalised a risk assessment report before walking back to the college in time for their next lesson.

Students arranged the quietest time in planning the excursion (morning time) as this was less of an inconvenience to the store operating times. They conducted themselves in the Wellington Way with respect and integrity in the community. The Waverley Gardens excursion was a success as students completed their projects in a hands-on environment, gathered the information required and gained skills in planning, communication, research, informal interviews, time management and completed assessments tasks in the community.

Some of the questions the students asked:

1. How would you rate your understanding of the OHS act? 

2. What are the roles and duties of OHS personnel?

3. Do you have forms to fill in if there is an OHS incident?

4. How is OHS information relayed between staff and management?

5. Are OHS procedures evaluated regularly?

I commend all students on their conduct and etiquette throughout the excursion, for a few of our students it was their first time ever visiting Waverley Gardens. We also thank the Management of Waverley Gardens shopping centre and all the shops involved in welcoming our students in our search for OHS in the workplace.

Ms. Rachel Biggin
VCAL – Senior WRS Teacher
Product Design and Technology Teacher
Learning Area Leader – Materials

Community Noticeboard

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International Program

Have you ever thought of hosting an overseas student?  Or do you know someone with a spare room who might be interested?

We are urgently looking for English-speaking host families, located close to the College who would be interested in accommodating an international student from Cambodia or Vietnam.
Homestay provides students with the best possible way to experience Australian culture and rapidly improve their English language. It is full board and accommodation offered by a family or couple, for which a set weekly fee of $320 is paid. 
If you would like to know more, call our International Programs Team on 9547 6822 to discuss.

2023 Community Voice at Wellington Secondary College

Any member of the College Community is welcome to join and participate – Parent, Staff, Students (Past or Present) or Community members. To support the College and its students through:

  • Public Events
  • Fund Raising
  • Access and provide feedback to the Principal Class and College Staff
  • Expression of Parent Voice
  • Expression of Student Voice
  • Expression of Community Voice

Periodically, this group may also meet with the Principal for conversations about current school issues.
If interested in joining this group, please contact the College by email