The College uniform must be worn both at school, to and from school and on excursions. In particular, correct shoes must be worn to and from school.

Sport uniform should only be worn on days when students have a timetabled double period of sport.

If you are out of uniform, you must bring a note from your parent/guardian and hand it to your Sub School. If there is a problem obtaining correct uniform, your parent/guardian should contact the Director of Student Services for assistance.

Hair must be tidily groomed, of an appropriate style and colour for school. Hair ribbons must be white or blue, and other simple clips should be in a colour that blends with the hair colouring. Students must be clean shaven. Excessive jewellery, makeup, body piercing, unnaturally coloured hair or coloured nail polish are not considered to be compatible with College Uniform Policy and should not be worn.

School bags must be College approved, or plain black or blue. (No labels)

Students must wear
– Summer uniform for Terms 1 and 4
– Winter uniform for Terms 2 and 3

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is now located at:
8\169 Cheltenham Road Dandenong 3175
Ph: 9792 3187
Opening Times: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm and Saturdays 9:00am – 2:00pm.

Uniform Items and Price List

Secondhand Uniform

Second Hand Uniform items can be sourced here