Year 9 Core Subjects:

  • English / English as an Additional Language
  • Mathematics
  • Humanities – (History, Geography, Economics, Civics & Citizenship)
  • Science
  • Personal Development

In addition to completing Year 9 Core Studies, students will select elective units each Semester from the subject areas of: English/EAL, Languages, The Arts, Health and Physical Education and Technology.

To view the full list of subject choices, please click on the Year 9 Handbook.

Year 10

The Year 10 Program has been specifically designed to ensure that students receive an excellent academic grounding in core subjects as well as empowering them to select electives that support their desired pathway.

Year 10 Core Subjects:

  • English / English as an Additional Language (EAL) / Effective English
  • Mathematics / Foundation
  • Science
  • Humanities / Humanities EAL
  • Health and Physical Education

The electives offered at Wellington Secondary College provide a diverse choice for students, giving them the flexibility to pursue their interests and include a VCE Unit 1 and 2 units that are offered by the College in a large number of study designs, subject to approval.

The College also offers accelerated Mathematical Methods to selected students.

See the Senior School Handbook for the complete range of VCE subject choices.

To view the full list of subject choices, please click on the Year 10 Handbook.

Here is a link to the Department of Education Victoria’s Parent Payments Policy.  This Parent Payments Policy outlines the ways in which school councils can request financial contributions from parents and ensures that parent payment practices in schools are consistent, transparent and that all children have access to the Curriculum.
Parent Payment Arrangements for Year 9
Payment Arrangements for Year 10

Year 9 Handbook
Year 10 Handbook

Year 9 Resource list
Year 10 Resource list