The Wellington Instructional Model

The Wellington Instructional Model is designed to articulate our approach to teaching and learning. In it we describe our purpose and core values, some truths about learning, how we teach and what we teach.

The Wellington Secondary College Instructional Model was developed collaboratively by our staff and comprises of:


At Wellington, we believe that a truly supportive educational environment cares for the whole child not just the academic. In order for our young people to be successful in life wellbeing, inclusion and respectful relationships are the essential ingredients for that future success.

To support our diverse and multicultural cohort, Wellington offers:

  • Director of Wellbeing
  • Doctors in Schools Program
  • Social Worker
  • Director of Inclusion
  • Director of Careers and Student Pathways
  • Lunchtime and afterschool Engagement programs
  • Access to an Adolescent Nurse
  • School Nurse and First Aid Officer
  • Gender inclusive uniforms
  • Student representation on School Council and Policy Sub-Committee
  • Pro Active Student Management scaffolded by ‘The Wellington Way’


Wellington empowers students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their school life, providing specialist programs and practitioners to build life-long learners and cater for individual differences. This includes:

  • Specialised EAL program and reduced class number groupings
  • WIELC: Wellington Intensive English Language Class
  • Empowering Literacy and Effective English
  • Whole School Literacy Focus
  • Director of Literacy and Literacy Coach
  • Maths grouping and acceleration
  • Specialised numeracy support
  • Year 7 to 9 High Flyers Program in core subjects
  • VCE Advanced Placements
  • Year 9 Special Activities: Global Citizenship: Connecting with our World
  • Future Leaders Program
  • Student Representative Council
  • Extensive sporting opportunities


Wellington understands that our young people face significant challenges in regard to future work in an age where technology and traditional concepts of employment are in flux. We need to equip our students with a 21ST Century mindset and skill set that is flexible, dynamic, empathic and not just content based. Our curriculum in Years 7 to 10 is founded on the Curriculum Areas articulated in the Victorian Curriculum Foundation to 10; and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and The VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM).

  • Our curriculum is documented using the Wellington Curriculum Template and scaffolded by the WSC Lesson Narrative and WSC Truths about Learning which provide the instructional model for Teaching and Learning
  • We provide a Continuous Assessment and Reporting culture which articulates the importance of real time feedback to students so that they have the strategies to improve their learning
  • Our pedagogical practices are built around the 4 Cs: Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Communication and Collaboration